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The Latino Vote

Makes a Difference!

Record number of Latino candidates in Virginia this election season

The mission of the Virginia Latino Leaders Council (VLLC) is to promote Latino civic engagement in Virginia. As part of this mission, we promote Latino participation in local and state government through appointed and elective offices. During this election cycle, we are identifying Latino candidates seeking election to local or state offices. 


We are featuring Latino candidates on our website who respect Virginia's immigrant community and who recognize Latino contributions to our Commonwealth. While a listing is not an endorsement, it indicates that VLLC considers these candidates to be friends of our community and deserving of your serious consideration.  We are proud of the work ethic and contributions made by Latinos and immigrants to Virginia's economy and to its quality of life, and we promote those candidates who equally hold these values.

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Virginia State Senate

Hala Ayala

District 33

Elizabeth Guzman.png

Elizabeth Guzman

District 29

Virginia House of Delegates

Paul Berry2.png

Paul Berry

District 7

Phil Hernandez.png

Phil Hernandez

District 94

Alfonso Lopez.jpg

Alfonso Lopez

District 3

Marty Martinez.jpg

Marty Martinez

District 29

Arlington County

Jonathan Dromgoole.png

Jonathan Dromgoole

County Board

Jose Quiroz.png

Jose Quiroz


Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Andres Jimenez.png

Andres Jimenez

Mason District

Dalia Palchik.png

Dalia Palchik

Providence District

Maritza Zermeno.png

Maritza Zermeno

Mount Vernon District

Albert Vega.png

Alberto Vega

Springfield District

Fairfax County

Chris Falcon.png

Chris Falcon

Clerk of the Court

Kelvin Garcia.png

Kelvin Garcia


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